Spotlight on: HGU Apparel

You may not know about ASU's in-house brand, but you should. HGU apparel was founded in 2012 under the leadership of Amir Harris and is the only actual brand that has grown from an ASU club, so far.

Their website describes their motto,

"Founded upon the morals of being different and promoting the 1% of the 1% of talented individuals in their field. In other words, being the best possible talented person you can be"

It began with a 1990's or beach brand flavor to their first line and has evolved into telling their audience about their "Be Better Brand" attitude. They focus on the individual and telling new stories with their lines!

Here are some of my favorite looks they have done. I am in love with their athleisure looks, totally on trend and totally unique! They also did this photoshoot on a tennis court, much like another successful fashion group on campus. I'm talking about us here at BOF, duh! Keep an eye out for future collaborations between Business of Fashion at ASU and HGU Apparel...

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