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Paul Feig’s new release of “A Simple Favor” starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick was nothing if not chic. I couldn’t help but appreciate the impeccable attention to detail while simultaneously being blown away by the story line. Stephanie, a single mom and Youtube vlogger, meets Emily, a P.R. director of a fashion design label. The two very different women share dark secrets over martinis and immediately refer to each other as “best friends.” Days after Stephanie picks up Emily’s kid as a favor from school, she is reported as missing.

This thriller has ostentatious costumes that reflected the characters and their intentions. The three piece suit Emily wears in the start of the movie was inspired by vintage Ralph Lauren. The number is quite masculine with the pinstripes and watch chain. However, the outfit becomes sexy when she strips off her dickey and cuffs. This subtle costume change emphasizes Emily’s wild side after having just met Stephanie and already changing in front of her.

Even when fully covered, Emily manages to maintain her feminine allure in a tuxedo. With a crisp bow tie and pocket square handy, she arrives at the park in her blood red leather gloves to pick up her kid, Nicky. This outrageous outfit choice didn’t cause the audience to blink an eye. But if you saw a woman arrive in this type of attire at your local neighborhood park, I’m sure some phones would be out filming her.

Despite the classic vibes exuded through these suits and the 50’s collared dress with tulle detailing worn by Blake’s character, there are modern details within each outfit. The bedazzled Christian Louboutin heels are an unexpected touch to the vintage dress. This costume is especially ironic since it contrasts so heavily with the formidable attitude exuded by Emily in her masculine attire.

All in all, this film was such a success in my book that I saw it twice. The betrayal, suspense, murder, and desire in the story is alluded to in every outfit worn by Blake Lively. Paul Feig enhanced the interest of his audience through the fashion. It was so empowering to see such a strong, albeit psychotic, female character in such masculine and daring outfits. I left the show quite satisfied giving it five out of five martinis.

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